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Aero: MyStake's New Airplane Game!

Written by Robert Lewis  September 19, 2023 – Last modified on September 19, 2023

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On our MyStake website, we've set up a category dedicated to our unique mini-games. Just recently, we've added Aero MyStake to this collection! This new airplane crash game offers new opportunities for our users and should provide exhilarating gameplay experiences. Let us guide you!

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Aero exclusively on MyStake

Our website is renowned in the gaming world, primarily due to our collection of original mini-games developed in direct collaboration with UpGaming. If you're looking to find Aero, it's only available with us! Head over to our lobby, under the "Mini-games" section.

Our main advantages:

  • 👍 Opportunity to get up to $500 in mini-game bonuses;
  • 👍 Modern interface and a growing community;
  • 👍 A collection of over 6,500 games available.

MyStake is truly our pride! Right from our market debut, we've managed to convince numerous casino game providers to join us. Over 90 partnerships currently allow our users to enjoy the most prominent titles: crash games, plinko, mines, slot machines, lottery games, live casino, and many more surprises await you.

Objective of the Aero game

Aero MyStake is our brand new crash game! This time around, we decided to stick to a more traditional gameplay. You and your character board an airplane that takes off every 10 seconds. As it soars into the sky, it's directly associated with a multiplier. As the plane ascends, the multiplier increases, and you have the option to cashout your winnings at any time! However, be cautious, as a crash can happen randomly, causing you to lose your entire bet. You can win up to $10,000 on Aero MyStake!

How Aero Works

You've understood the objective of our new Aero MyStake game? Great. Now, you need to utilize our software optimally to maximize your chances. We'd like to introduce you to all the features available on our exclusive crash mini-game. Read carefully!


Our team decided to provide the same opportunities for our users on the Aero MyStake game. Therefore, you can place a bet ranging from $0.20 to $1,000 for every airplane takeoff. With the possibility of a double bet, this gives you the chance to place up to $2,000 for each session. This feature should appeal to many of our players.

Customize the game

Like many of our available games, we've decided to allow you to fully customize your Aero MyStake Casino sessions. Understanding these settings is crucial to have a successful game experience. Let's walk you through all the possibilities.

  • ğŸŽ›ï¸ Automatic cashout: You can enable or disable an automatic cashout at a specific multiplier. Just select between x1.01 and x10,000 and activate this feature to let our software eject you from the plane at a specific point;
  • ğŸŽ›ï¸ Auto-play: Next to your bet (or bets), you can tick the "Auto" option. This allows you to participate in all upcoming Aero Casino sessions without having to click the "Bet" button again. It's especially convenient for those looking to win over the long run.

These two options on MyStake Aero are highly popular among our users. We strongly recommend using them to develop strategies for our mini-game. Of course, if you activate the automatic mode, be ready to deactivate it when necessary! The flights will continue, and your bet will be deducted until you intervene.


It's time to really play Aero MyStake! When you're ready, just click the green "Bet" button. Your pilot then boards the plane, which begins its takeoff. Instantly, you'll see the real-time increasing multiplier. Simultaneously, the "Bet" button transforms into a "Cashout" button, displaying your potential winnings. Click it to retrieve your earnings before the plane crashes!

Community chat

At MyStake, our primary goal is to engage our community in our mini-games and allow them to interact with each other. Aero MyStake, of course, has this feature, giving you the opportunity to learn from other players and make friends. As you'll notice during your airplane's flight, you can even see other passengers ejecting from the plane. Observing other players' actions can be invaluable for inspiration.

Our tips for winning at Aero MyStake

Although no strategy guarantees a win in every Aero MyStake game, our team still wants to share some tips. These can help tilt the odds in your favor during a multiplayer session. Read carefully!

Use automatic cashout

This feature was designed for a good reason: to please our users! Auto cashout can ensure you never miss your target. We've often noticed that some of our users are disappointed when they click "Cashout" hoping for a x2.00, but the plane crashes at x2.05. To avoid this frustration and not diminish your winning probabilities, we advise you to set your target in the designated field and activate this feature!

Aim for the $10,000 jackpot

It's every user's dream! While it's achievable, it's challenging to attain. To hope to win the Aero MyStake game's $10,000 jackpot, we advise you first and foremost to stay in the game as long as possible. You should have a substantial capital and place a $10 bet with a x1000 target. Of course, you can also try bets of $1 with a x10,000 target, but the chances of hitting it are much slimmer. Be patient.

Be responsible

Our mini-game, developed in 2023, has a fixed RTP of 95%. This means that the majority of our users' bets are redistributed. However, this doesn't guarantee that you'll recover your money in every Aero MyStake session! Always consider the potential to lose your entire investment. That's why MyStake's team stresses: only gamble what you can afford to lose and always play responsibly. Play Aero Casino for fun!

Focus on Aero MyStake

So that you can truly appreciate the potential of our Aero MyStake game, the development team wanted to share all its features. In this section, we'll reveal the main details about our new mini-game, which should give you insights into its real potential.

➡️ Key Data:

  • Bet: between $0.20 and $1,000;
  • Maximum Multiplier: x10,000;
  • Jackpot: $10,000;
  • RTP: 95%.

Our mini-game boasts one of the most significant potentials in our range! As you've seen, Aero MyStake's maximum multiplier goes up to x10,000. This means a mere $1 bet could let you hit the jackpot. For this game, we've ensured that even small players have a shot at substantial winnings. Will you give it a try?

Get started on Aero MyStake now

MyStake's team recently added Aero to the "Mini-games" collection. Know that you can start playing in just a few seconds if you wish! Just follow the advice of our editorial team below.

🕹️ Play now:

  • Register on our MyStake website;
  • Receive a $500 bonus on your first deposit;
  • Click on the "Mini-games" button and then launch "Aero";
  • Select a bet (or two) between $0.20 and $1,000;
  • Choose an automatic cashout or bet (optional);
  • 🚀 Cashout up to $10,000!

We've designed MyStake to be as user-friendly as possible. Every new user will easily navigate our library of over 6,000 games. But note, our mini-games are only available in real mode! However, you can watch games before you start playing.

What the developers think of Aero

It took our developers several months to launch Aero MyStake. We thought it logical to interview a member of this team to get their thoughts on this new mini-game.

"This time, we faced the challenging task of launching a more "classic" crash game for our users. Initially, the team quickly decided to incorporate features higher than other games of this kind. The x10,000 multiplier obviously required more animations and designs since the plane can fly for quite some time. Thanks to top-notch designers, Aero MyStake is in 3D and highly responsive. In my opinion, it's one of our best creations, and we're eager to receive feedback from our players."


Robert Lewis - Marketing Manager (English-speaking market)

Last modified on : September 19, 2023

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