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Chicken MyStake: Discover our chicken game !

Written by Robert Lewis  September 18, 2023 Last modified on September 18, 2023

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We know how much you love casino mini-games! In direct collaboration with UpGaming, our teams have added the famous Chicken Game to the collection, which you can find under the name "Chicken." This mines game, exclusively available on MyStake, is one of our biggest hits! Discover its features now.

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The Chicken Game only on MyStake

If you're a big fan of next-gen games, you've come to the right operator! We develop an exclusive range of online mini-games, currently attracting several thousand daily users worldwide. Playing Chicken MyStake on our site isn't the only advantage.

Our strengths:
  • 👍 Exclusive Chicken Game bonus of 100% up to $500;
  • 👍 Maximum security and license #1668/JAZ obtained in Curaçao;
  • 👍 Collection of over 6,500 games.

We've designed our entire site for our players! The intuitive interface allows you to focus on what's essential: entertainment. If you're looking to play Chicken, note that you can't find it on other casinos. Our platform is the only one that offers it.

Purpose of the Chicken Game

We've noticed that most casino players already know the Chicken casino game thanks to numerous videos on social media. As you understand, this mini-game released in September 2020 falls under the mines game category! This time, you're faced with 5x5 kitchen bells, and you have to find delicious chickens. When you manage to find one, the amount of your cashout increases. Of course, you can also lose everything by hitting a bone! You have two options: stop in time or finish the grid to hit the x1000 jackpot.

How the Chicken Game Works

At MyStake, our primary goal is to offer you complete, entertaining games with features designed for you. Let us now introduce you to the actual functioning of our Chicken MyStake game.

Placing a Bet

Upon arriving at Chicken, you must first place a bet. We allow our users to bet between $0.20 and $1,000 for each game! These available amounts should allow all profiles to express themselves on our mini-game.

Setting the Number of Bones

Before starting to tackle Chicken MyStake, you need to set the game's difficulty. For that, we give you the option to place more or fewer bones behind the 25 bells on the grid. On the "Bones" button, place between 1 and 24 bones! Obviously, the multipliers you touch entirely depend on your choice.


Now that you've set up the Chicken game, you can click on the green "Bet" button. You must now click on one of the grid bells to open it. Two scenarios are then possible:

  • 🍗 You find a chicken: your pot amount is boosted by the associated multiplier;
  • 🦴 You find a bone: you lose your entire bet.

Depending on the scenario, you have to make choices. If you find a chicken, you can stop the game or continue! We display at the bottom of the game screen the next available multiplier by finding a new chicken. The end of the game can also obviously come by completely finishing the grid.


As you've understood, your best friend on our Chicken MyStake game is the "Cashout" button! From the start of the game, you can retrieve your bet at any time by clicking this red button. The amount is automatically updated each time you manage to find the hidden chickens. Thanks to it, you can win up to $10,000.

Community Live Chat

At MyStake, we absolutely want our users to connect and share their passions. For this reason, we've developed and made a live chat available to you on the Chicken game. So you can share your winnings, your strategies, and make friends, all while playing your favorite mini-game!

Our tips for winning at Chicken MyStake

Our teams are, of course, big fans of casino mini-games. Before launching this title, we tried and improved it for hours. We want to share some tips with you to put the odds in your favor on our Chicken MyStake Game! Read carefully.

Try a Martingale

By placing 13 bones on the 25-bell grid, you have the opportunity to touch a first multiplier at x2.06. This means that you can set up a classic martingale strategy on our game! Simply place a fixed bet, double with every loss, and return to the initial bet as soon as you find a bone. We've set a maximum bet of $1,000, which should give you a good number of tries. Obviously, this Chicken MyStake strategy isn't for those on a tight budget.

Complete the Grid

Regardless of the number of bones you place when setting up your Chicken game, you obviously have the option to find all the chickens to get the maximum multiplier. To achieve this feat, arm yourself with patience and manage your bets perfectly. The MyStake Casino team advises you to use between 2 and 3% of your capital for each game! This allows you to chain a large number of losses while still having some ammunition. The x1000 jackpot is hard to hit, but it's obviously possible. Be patient and manage your bankroll with an iron fist.

Responsible Gaming

At MyStake Casino, we want to protect our users from the risks associated with addictions. The Chicken mini-game is a game of chance that can make you lose your capital! We therefore invite all our players to bet only what they can afford to lose. With a 99% RTP, you obviously have the chance to win, but also the chance to lose. No technique can beat the software every time. On our site, you can find many tools to best manage responsible gaming, take advantage of them.

Focus on Chicken MyStake

We attach particular importance to the characteristics of our exclusive mini-games. The MyStake team decided to make a lot of effort so that our users can have good chances of winning and can enjoy a strong potential. Let's zoom in on the MyStake Chicken game.

➡️ Important data:
  • Stake: between $0.20 and $1,000;
  • Maximum multiplier: x1000;
  • Jackpot: $10,000;
  • RTP: 99%.

In exclusive collaboration with UpGaming, we managed to build a top-notch mini-game! As you can see, we've limited the winnings of each game to $10,000. This is obviously something to consider since the real potential is much higher. By placing a bet of $1,000, you have the chance to hit the jackpot in just a few clicks.

Start now on Chicken MyStake

On our site, the Chicken mini-game is only available in real money mode (in dollars or crypto). You can't play it in demo mode. Don't worry, it's not complicated or expensive to try our creation. Let us guide you to start playing the Chicken Game now.

🕹️ Play now:
  • Sign up now on our official MyStake site;
  • Place a deposit and get a $500 special mini-game bonus;
  • Go to the "Mini-games" section and launch "Chicken";
  • Place a bet between $0.20 and $1,000;
  • 🐔 Find chickens to win up to $10,000!

It takes an average of 2 minutes to complete this procedure and start playing the Chicken MyStake Game. Our interface is built to be welcoming and poses no issues during registration! The special mini-game bonus of 100% allows every player to get a boosted balance on Chicken. What more could you ask for?

What the game developers think of Chicken

We want to share the opinion of the Chicken MyStake game developers with you! Read the feedback from the teams that worked on creating this exceptional title carefully.

"Our team greatly enjoyed trying to reinvent the world of Gaming once again. Chicken is a game that offers very simple gameplay, but is totally unique in the market. We managed to make the designs light for optimal responsiveness. By collaborating with the other MyStake teams, we were able to program this mini-game to respect a fair redistribution of bets (at 99%). The low margin decided by MyStake allows everyone to truly appreciate the qualities of this game."

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Last modified on : September 18, 2023

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