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Dino MyStake: Save the dinosaur to win the jackpot!

Written by Robert Lewis  September 18, 2023 – Last modified on September 18, 2023

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Welcome to MyStake, the #1 online casino for mini-games and general entertainment. Today, we are eager to introduce you to our Dino MyStake game. Developed in September 2020, this title is clearly one of our greatest successes! Thousands of players know us because of this Dino game.

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The Dino Game only on MyStake

You already know us, we are a very modern interface that allows players from all over the world to play exclusive titles. Our "Mini-games" range is a real attraction for many users and has been the subject of numerous viral videos on TikTok and all social networks. To play Dino, you have no choice, it's on MyStake!

Our strengths:
  • 👍 Sign up offer allowing you to win up to $500;
  • 👍 Promo code DINOFREERUN to get 10 Free Runs on Dino;
  • 👍 A range of more than 6,500 casino games offered.

As you can understand, an exceptional bonus of 10 Free Runs on Dino is offered when you land on our site! It's a unique way to experience the dinosaur adventure and try to win the jackpot. When opening your account, don't forget to enter this promotional code to benefit from it. To be more precise, with a $20 deposit, you can participate in 10 free races.

The aim of the Dino game

Our developers completed the Dino game on September 6, 2020! This exclusive mini-game is clearly a crash game. You play a dinosaur trying to survive the end of the world and a meteor shower. You place a bet, and then the dino starts running. As it progresses, the multiplier increases, as does your potential win. Your goal is simple: you must stop the game before the Dino gets destroyed by a meteor. With 3D animations and a lot of work on the design, the MyStake team is proud to offer you this unique mini-game on the market.

How the Dino Game Works

First and foremost, we want to revolutionize the gaming world and offer our users ever-improving experiences. Thanks to our exclusive collaboration with UpGaming, we have been able to decide on useful features for our Dino Casino game.


As usual, we allow Dino players to place a real bet between $0.20 and $1,000. Please note that our mini-game is only available in real money, thanks to a deposit made in euros or cryptocurrencies. Of course, you can also play it with Free Runs!

Setting up the game

Don't dive headlong into our Dino game! Before joining one of the multiplayer sessions, you need to customize your game. To better manage your strategies, we have set up the possibility to make a double bet, or to configure automatic cashout. Take advantage of it.


Have you finally set your bet? Great, all you have to do is click on the green "Bet" button to join the next Dino MyStake game. Betting time between each session lasts about 7 seconds. Once this time has elapsed, the dinosaur starts running, and your multiplier starts to increase up to x1,000!


The red "Cashout" button appears the second the game starts. You can press it at any time to automatically cash out your winnings to your MyStake account. If you've set an automatic cashout, you can let the game run on its own. The further you go, the higher the amount becomes. Most importantly, don't be too greedy and remember to cash out your winnings frequently on Dino.


Like a classic roulette game, you can see the last results of each Dino race! The recently hit multipliers appear and can give you an indication of the current trend. We believe this feature can help many players develop a strategy.

Chat with the community

You're in luck: you can chat with other players connected to Dino MyStake! Directly on the game interface, a live chat is available. This allows you to socialize while playing your favorite mini-game and also share your experiences on our casino. We've noticed a large community has formed around our site!

Our tips for winning at Dino MyStake

To help you scoop the pot with your free Dino races, we want to share some tips. Of course, these can't guarantee a win every time, but they can increase your chances.

Go up to x2

You surely know the classic martingale technique often used in roulette. On our Dino game, you can definitely use it! We've set up an automatic cashout system that allows you to exit the game at exactly x2.00. With this, you can, of course, place a fixed bet and double every time you lose! As soon as you reach the goal, go back to the initial bet. But be careful about the bet limit of $1,000 x 2 which can block you at some point.

Use Free Runs

Regularly, we offer our users free races on the Dino MyStake game. We can only advise you to subscribe to our newsletter and frequently check the "Promotions" section to never miss anything. Right now, by depositing $20 and using the promo code DINOFREERUNS, you can get 10 races on this mini-game. Obviously, playing with more bullets gives you more chances to win! Don't hesitate to take advantage of it now.

Play responsibly

In our view, our users should first and foremost enjoy discovering the next-generation mini-games. Dino MyStake obviously has risks of losing money! The multiplier can stop right from the start at x1.01. You need to consider this risk when you're about to place real money on our game. The best approach is to consider this money as already lost! This allows you to simply enjoy yourself and not get caught up in your emotions.

Focus on Dino MyStake

We developed the Dino casino game with the sole aim of giving players pleasure! In our view, pleasure is not only found in the gameplay and 3D animations but also in the features and specifics of the game. At MyStake, we believe that a fair redistribution of winnings is essential!

➡️ Key Data:
  • Bet: between $0.20 and $1,000;
  • Maximum Multiplier: x1000;
  • Jackpot: $10,000;
  • RTP: 99%.

In reality, Dino MyStake has exactly the same characteristics as the other mini-games in our collection. With a simple bet of $10, you have the chance to hit the famous $10,000 jackpot. Of course, you can guess that the dinosaur doesn't stop at x1,000 every session! You will need to be patient if you want to hit the jackpot with a small bet.

Start now on Dino MyStake

Our teams have decided to give exclusivity of MyStake mini-games to platform users. This means you can only play Dino with real money! This is an important point you should know. To guide you as best as possible, we now want to unveil the steps to follow to get started.

🕹️ Play now:
  • Register on the official MyStake website;
  • Get the $500 welcome bonus to play Dino;
  • Use the promo code "DINOFREERUNS" to get 10 free races;
  • Go to the "Mini-games" tab and then click on "Dino";
  • Choose a bet between $0.20 and $1,000;
  • 🦖 Win up to 1000x your bet!

Our new users usually take a few seconds to successfully log in to MyStake for the first time. These steps are very simple to follow and are accessible to all player profiles. Of course, don't forget to fund your account with a credit card, an e-wallet, or even cryptocurrencies to start the Dino game!

What the developers think of Dino

You know that our development team is one of the best in the world. Thanks to them, we can now offer exclusive mini-games with worldwide success. MyStake attracts crowds for these famous mini-games, which is why we want to give you the opinion of our developers on this creation.

"I worked for several months on designing the Dino casino game. With my teams, I took a lot of pleasure in thinking, designing, and modeling the "last race" of a dinosaur wishing to escape the end of the world. This game is, in our opinion, one of the greatest successes of the MyStake development team. We received a lot of positive feedback and good reviews from users, who confirmed that our work on gameplay and design was up to par. Personally, I appreciate that management promotes Dino by offering many free races to our users. This showcases our work to a wider audience."


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Last modified on : September 18, 2023

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