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Icefield MyStake : Discover our Yeti game!

Written by Robert Lewis  September 18, 2023 Last modified on September 18, 2023

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We've developed new mini-games just for you! Icefield has been a part of our exclusive range at Mystake since April 2022. In this article, we aim to unveil all the details about our latest creation. The Yeti Game is arguably one of the best mining games on the market right now!

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The Yeti Game, exclusive to MyStake

Since our debut in the gaming market, our specialty has been in developing exclusive mini-games. If you're keen to explore and play Icefield, you can do so only at MyStake! This title isn't available at other online casinos and is exclusively for our community.

Our strengths:

  • 👍 Enjoy a 100% bonus up to $500;
  • 👍 A collection of over 6,500 casino games;
  • 👍 Modern interface, compatible with iOS and Android.

We're confident that MyStake is the perfect platform for all online casino enthusiasts. In a 100% secure and ultra-modern environment, we welcome you to enjoy a unique gaming experience. To play Icefield MyStake, simply visit the "Mini-Games" section.

Objective of the Icefield game

Icefield is one of our mining mini-games! Often referred to as the "Yeti Game" by casino players, your task is to guide a yeti across an ice field. As you successfully pass each stage, the amount of your cashout instantly increases based on the associated multiplier. Of course, the Snowman might step on a crack and fall! Your aim is simple: finish the Icefield game by reaching the end or cash out before stepping on a fragile ice block. It's one of our simplest creations!

How the Yeti Game Works

You're probably familiar with our 100% exclusive games by now. We develop them with passion and use all our expertise to provide the best features. Icefield MyStake is no exception! Discover all the available options now.

Placing Bets

Before you can play Icefield, you need to fund your account with real money (using Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, or Bitcoin). Then, set your desired bet amount between $0.20 and $1,000 for your session. The "Plus/Minus" buttons can assist you.

Ice Field

In our Icefield Casino game, we give you the chance to fully customize the minefield in front of you. In the "Field" tab, you need to select a 2x3, 6x15, 5x12, 4x9, or 3x6 grid. Depending on your choice, the multipliers will be adjusted for your session!


Now, you're ready to guide your Yeti across the ice field. Simply click the green "Bet" button to start the game! Then, step by step, choose the path. If you're unsure, feel free to use the "Random" button, which makes random moves across the minefield.


Once you make progress in the Icefield Casino game, your cashout amount increases. The red "Cashout" button lets you withdraw directly to your MyStake account and end the game. This feature is crucial for every game session to secure your winnings!

Our Tips to Win at Icefield MyStake

To increase your chances of winning at Icefield MyStake, our team wants to share some handy tips. Read these carefully before diving into this mining mini-game.

Play Safe

If you have a significant starting game capital, we advise playing safely on Icefield. For this, set the ice blocks grid to 4x9 and aim to progress two steps in the Yeti Game! This strategy offers a x1.76 multiplier and a high probability of success. This approach suits all budgets but is especially effective for those with a higher bankroll. If you start with $100 at MyStake, place $10 for each round!

Chasing the Jackpot

If you're looking to make a big splash in our MyStake game, consider setting the grid to 6x15. Successfully navigating all 15 levels of this challenging mode with the Yeti allows you to multiply your bet by 15.25x. With a $10 wager, you stand to win up to $152.50. Of course, making it to the end is quite challenging! You need to keep this in mind and adjust your bets accordingly. Be prepared for a string of losses.

Play Responsibly

Don't assume that our team is offering surefire strategies to win on MyStake. In reality, you can lose real money betting on Icefield. Even though we offer a 99% return-to-player rate, failures are possible. We recommend betting only what you can afford to lose on MyStake. Playing Icefield should remain a fun activity and should never jeopardize your financial, social, or personal well-being. Take precautions and play responsibly!

Deep Dive into Icefield MyStake

Every single one of our exclusive mini-games is designed to maximize potential for our users. Before you try to cross the icy field with the Snowman, take a moment to thoroughly understand the distinct features of our mini-game.

➡️ Key Data:

  • Bet Range: from $0.20 to $1,000;
  • Maximum Multiplier: x15.25;
  • Jackpot: $10,000;
  • RTP: 99%.

In Icefield Casino, a bet of $655 could potentially net you our impressive $10,000 jackpot. As you can see, we've designed the bet limits to accommodate players of all budgets. By placing the minimum bet of $0.20, you can win up to $3.05.

Get Started with Icefield MyStake Now

As you've surely grasped by now, we currently don't offer a demo mode for Icefield Casino. This title is exclusively for the MyStake Casino community and its users. To begin your first game and take on the role of the Yeti, just follow these simple steps:

🕹️ Play Now:

  • Open an account on the official MyStake website;
  • Claim a 100% bonus up to $500;
  • Click on “Mini-games” followed by “Icefield”;
  • Place a bet between $0.20 and $1,000;
  • Select your preferred ice field layout;
  • 🥶 Guide the Yeti and aim to win up to $10,000!

We've worked hard to create an ultra-fast and user-friendly web interface to save you time. Following these steps to register, deposit, and play takes less than 5 minutes. If you're over 18 and not banned from gaming, you can start playing on Icefield Casino right away.

Developers' Take on Icefield

Our mini-game development specialists wanted to share their thoughts on Icefield. Read on to see what the game's creators think!

"Introducing Icefield to MyStake was a logical step. We had already achieved great success with other mining games, but this one allowed us to completely rethink the gameplay. The Yeti progresses across ice blocks, which can break at any moment. While it was technically simple to develop, the game has, in its own way, revolutionized the gaming world. We absolutely love the name players instantly gave it: 'The Yeti Game'. It's a wonderful recognition!"


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