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Penalty Shoot Out Street: The penalty-shootout game now available on MyStake!

Written by Robert Lewis  November 10, 2023 Last modified on December 23, 2023

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Since its release on July 1, 2023, in the market, EvoPlay's penalty game has been a massive hit in the gaming world! Our teams have added Penalty Shoot Out Street to the MyStake mini-games collection, much to the delight of our already registered users. Take the time to discover this new gem offered on your favorite online casino.

Penalty Game is on MyStake!

As you know, our MyStake casino platform is renowned for its extensive collection and entertainment options. We've had the brilliant idea of collaborating with the giant EvoPlay for several years to bring you the Penalty mini-game. So, join us now to try the new casino mini-game and enjoy our numerous benefits.

🧤 Play Penalty Shoot-Out Street for Free :

Our main advantages:

  • 👍 Special 100% bonus on the mini-game up to $500 on registration;
  • 👍 Currently, a range of over 6 500 games;
  • 👍 Ability to play all EvoPlay games, including the Penalty Game.

We are very proud to offer you such an experience! Joining MyStake can give you the chance to take your first penalty shootout session against the goalkeeper of Penalty Shoot Out Street Casino. Add it to your favorites and start competing in this new mini-game to try to win up to $2 400!

The Goal of the Penalty Game for Money

As you know, EvoPlay had launched an initial version of Penalty Shoot Out in 2020, which is also available on our online casino. It was in July 2023 that one of our favorite editors decided to relaunch this gem with the second version: Penalty Shoot Out Street. This time, you can have a session of five penalty kicks to try to win up to 32 times your bet! Each successful kick allows you to reach the next multiplier and have the opportunity to cash out. If the opposing goalkeeper manages to stop one of your penalties, you lose your entire bet. It's a next-generation mines game with much more advanced gameplay and designs.

How Penalty Shoot Out Street Works

We are sure that you are already eager to start playing on Penalty Shoot Out Street Casino. The MyStake teams had the pleasure of trying out this excellent creation exclusively and want to reveal its operation to you. Just let yourself be guided to start playing the Penalty ShootOut Casino game.

Team Selection

As soon as you launch the Penalty Money Game, you must immediately select the country you will represent on the football field. Even though this choice has no impact on the qualities of your shooter and the fairness of the game, you can represent your country to give yourself the best chance. Click on the flag of the desired country (France, Italy, Brazil, Belgium, or other) and confirm your choice.

Bet Selection

The Penalty Casino game software starts as soon as you have selected the nation you want to represent. Before you can start a real game, you must, of course, take the time to configure the bet to place. Make sure you have made a deposit on MyStake and have taken advantage of your $1000 welcome bonus! Then, by clicking on "Bet Setting" from Penalty Shoot Out Casino, you can place between $1 and $75 for each penalty shootout session. Then click the "Confirm" button!


It's time to enjoy the new game engine on Penalty Shoot Out Street and face the goalkeeper of the opposing team. Clearly, EvoPlay offers a completely new responsive experience with your touch screen or computer mouse. With 15 responsive points in the goalkeeper's goal, you just have to click in the goal to make your shot at that location. You unlock a multiplier at each stage!

Winning the Penalty Shoot Out session: ?

  • ⚽ goal: x2;
  • ⚽⚽ goals: x4;
  • ⚽⚽⚽ goals: x12;
  • ⚽⚽⚽⚽ goals: x20;
  • ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽ goals: x32.

Of course, you have the option to withdraw from the penalty money game at any time. If you just want to double your bet, scoring in the top corner or even in the center of the goal is more than enough! The MyStake team recommends not being too greedy and knowing when to stop. Winnings can go up to $2 400 with the maximum bet and 5 successful shots.

Our Tips for Winning at Penalty Shoot Out Street

At MyStake, we don't want to make false promises to you! No strategy on Penalty Shoot Out Street can guarantee winnings every game. However, our team of specialists has found some tips and advice to increase your chances with better management. MyStake now shares its Penalty Shoot Out Casino strategies with you.


As you may have noticed, the Penalty Casino game allows you to double your bet by scoring the first goal. This means you can implement a Martingale strategy, as on a classic roulette wheel! Clearly, you must bet a fixed amount (for example, $1), double each time you miss the first shot, and return to the initial bet when you score. The MyStake team still recommends being careful with this technique on the penalty casino game because the $75 betting limit can quickly hinder your progress.

Aiming for the x32 Jackpot

It's a goal for many users of our MyStake online casino. To be able to hit the maximum x32 jackpot on Penalty Shoot Out, you must succeed in scoring all five penalty kicks and winning the match! As you understand, this RNG game launched by EvoPlay is entirely fair and based on chance. We recommend adhering to good bankroll management to hope to hit the maximum jackpot because you will need several sessions to achieve this feat. Bet a maximum of 1% of your capital ($1 for $100) on each session to hope to win the Penalty Game jackpot.

Stay Responsible

Our MyStake casino wants to protect its players daily from the dangers of online gambling. Even if EvoPlay applies a nice 96% return rate on Penalty Shoot Out Street, you can, of course, experience a bad streak and lose your committed bet. The penalty game should only be used for your pleasure and entertainment, but it can never replace a job. Only wager money that you can afford to lose on Penalty Shoot Out Casino to remain responsible in any situation! This is a very important point according to the MyStake teams.

Focus on Penalty Shoot Out Street

We have a lot to bet that you are wondering about the real characteristics of Penalty Shoot Out Street Casino! The MyStake teams have consulted all the technical sheets of the game launched by EvoPlay in 2023 to give you all the information you need before playing. As you can see below, it's a mini-game with great potential.

➡️ The data:

  • Bet: between $1 and $75;
  • Maximum Multiplier: x32;
  • Jackpot: $2 400;
  • RTP: 96%.

We greatly appreciate adding games to our collection with a return rate of over 95%! The penalty game allows its users to regularly leave with gains in their bank accounts. The maximum x32 multiplier allows you to win up to $640 with a $20 bet, which seems more than enough for most players in our casino.

Get Started Now on Penalty MyStake

In close collaboration with EvoPlay, we can now offer you the new Penalty Casino mini-game ! If you want to get started right now on this excellent high-definition creation, just let our teams guide you through the following steps.

🕹️ Play Now:

  • Sign up on our MyStake online casino;
  • Enjoy a $500 bonus on the Penalty game;
  • Go to the "Mini-games" tab and launch "Penalty";
  • Choose a bet between $1 and $75;
  • Score a goal or go through the entire penalty shootout;
  • 🚀 Win up to $2 400!

To greatly simplify your task, the developers and teams at MyStake have built an intuitive and ultra-ergonomic platform. You should have no difficulty launching our Penalty Casino Game after completing your first registration. Above all, don't forget to take advantage of the bonus specially designed for mini-games, allowing you to receive 100% up to $500 on your first deposit.

What the Developers Think of the Penalty Game

We interviewed the developers who designed Penalty ShootOut Casino during this year 2023 to find out exactly what they think. As you know, it is the EvoPlay development teams who took the time to collaborate with MyStake to offer a new title in our exclusive range of mini-games.

"When we heard about the project to relaunch our first Penalty Shoot Out game on MyStake, all the teams were very happy! In 2020, during the first version, our teams did not have access to all the technologies to offer an extraordinary experience. Now, the Penalty MyStake game allows you to experience a penalty shootout session like on FIFA! Thanks to superior responsiveness, the addition of responsive points, a more powerful game engine, and HD graphics, we have been able to significantly improve the title. Clearly, Penalty Shoot Out Street will remain in the annals and can become a new catalyst for MyStake & EvoPlay."


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Last modified on : December 23, 2023

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