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Plinko MyStake: One ball can hit the Jackpot!

Written by Robert Lewis  September 18, 2023 – Last modified on September 18, 2023

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The interest in casino mini-games continues to grow, and we've decided to add the Plinko game to our exclusive collection on our MyStake casino! Since 2022, our users have had the opportunity to drop balls and win up to 1000x their bets. We now want to share all the details about this creation with you.

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Plinko Only on MyStake

Our platform is particularly known for its range of exclusive mini-games, developed in direct collaboration with UpGaming! However, MyStake has made waves in the market for many other reasons. Indeed, if you decide to join our platform, you can enjoy a long list of benefits!

Our strengths:

  • 👍 Special bonus dedicated to mini-games up to $500;
  • 👍 Comprehensive range offering over 6,500 games;
  • 👍 Opportunity to earn bonuses regularly.

We've managed to create a space specially designed for players! The diversity we offer is possible thanks to strong partnerships with more than 90 providers. Brands like Microgaming, Red Tiger, Yggdrasil, Thunderspin, 1x2 Gaming, and Push Gaming are all featured.

The Objective of the Plinko Game

The MyStake team wanted to bring back the famous American TV show "The Price is Right" where the Plinko mini-game first appeared. Our game allows you to drop a ball from the top of a pyramid and hope to hit one of the multipliers at its base (up to x1000). With various settings available, you can fully customize your Plinko MyStake pyramid and keep dropping balls. The gameplay is straightforward, leaving a lot of room for both chance and strategy! A mini-game loved by all our users since 2022.

How Plinko Works

Now that you know about our Plinko Casino mini-game, we're sure you're eager to learn how to play. Like all our creations, we've integrated many features into it. To guide you through your adventure, here's everything you need to know to play Plinko MyStake.


As with our entire range of exclusive mini-games, you can bet between $0.20 and $1,000 for each ball drop on Plinko. This bet is only possible with real money, which means a mandatory deposit in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ripple) or in euros (Credit card, bank transfer, or e-wallet).

Setting up the game

Plinko MyStake is almost 100% customizable. Depending on the choices you make before starting, the multipliers and game difficulty can change. Take your time to set up your game before dropping your first balls!

  • 🔴 Risk: Choose a Low, Medium, or High risk with our risk selector. This choice determines the game's difficulty. The higher the risk, the higher the multipliers at the bottom of the pyramid;
  • 🟢 Balls: You can drop up to 20 balls with a single click on our Plinko MyStake game. So, decide on the number of balls to drop, between 1 and 20, before starting to play!

Before moving on to the next step, we strongly recommend double-checking your setup. Indeed, once the ball is dropped into the Plinko pyramid, there's no turning back.


Now that you're ready to play Plinko, all you have to do is click on the green "Bet" button to drop the defined balls from the top of the pyramid. They will descend and bounce off the pegs. The balls' random trajectory obviously makes the task more challenging. The balls will then settle in one of the multiplier slots at the pyramid's base. As soon as you hit a slot, you automatically receive your win in your MyStake account.

Live Chat with the Community

We want to create a real community around our exclusive mini-games. That's why the MyStake teams decided to implement a live chat directly on the Plinko game interface. When you open it, you can chat live with other players connected to the game. It's a great opportunity to make friends, discover new strategies, or share your bets!

Our Tips for Winning at Plinko MyStake

Of course, it's impossible to guarantee a win at the Plinko MyStake game. However, our teams have identified some techniques used by our best users. These tips should help you increase your chances.

Perfectly Adjust the Game

As you've understood, many settings are possible on Plinko MyStake, making each game unique. Our teams have found a very interesting configuration for this mini-game, and we want to share it with you for free. We clearly recommend setting a High Risk, 16 lines, and 20 balls, with a bet representing 1% of your total available bankroll. This setting allows you to stay in the game longer and hope to hit our famous x1000 jackpot! Obviously, this technique requires patience and strict bet management.

Take No Risks

Some Plinko customizations significantly reduce the risks you take with your bets. For example, by setting Low Risk and 9 lines of white dots on the pyramid, you can see multipliers between x0.7 and x5.6 appear! This means you can't lose your entire bet, regardless of the outcome. Of course, using this setup isn't a miracle solution since you can experience losses of 30% of your bet. However, this technique can help you stay in the game for a long time.

Play Responsibly

Like all online gambling games, our Plinko MyStake game has risks! Despite its 99% RTP, our mini-game sees users lose significant amounts every day. No matter your winning strategy, you're not guaranteed to leave with profits. You must be aware of the risks when playing Plinko and should only bet what you're willing to lose. Playing responsibly on Plinko Casino is essential to keep a cool head and adhere to a strategy.

A Closer Look at Plinko MyStake

The teams behind the development of Plinko MyStake wanted to offer a game with simple gameplay and high potential. It's no surprise that our range of exclusive mini-games has become one of the gaming world's symbols! Discover the true winning potential on Plinko now.

➡️ Key data:

  • Bet: between $0.20 and $1,000;
  • Maximum multiplier: x1000;
  • Jackpot: $10,000;
  • RTP: 99%.

The biggest strength of the Plinko MyStake ball game is its maximum multiplier! Indeed, by setting a High Risk and a pyramid with 16 obstacle lines, you can see this famous multiplier appear at the game's edges. By managing to lodge a $1 ball in the x1000 slot, you can win $1,000 with just one click! A $10 bet is enough to hit the $10,000 jackpot.

Get Started on Plinko MyStake Now

Like all our exclusive games, Plinko Mystake is only accessible to our real players. You must register on our site and make an initial deposit to start dropping balls. To make it easier for you, just follow the instructions below.

🕹️ Play now:

  • Open an account on the official MyStake site;
  • Make a deposit and get a $500 bonus;
  • Go to the “Mini-games” tab and then “Plinko”;
  • Place a bet between $0.20 and $1,000 for each ball;
  • Select the risk level and the number of lines;
  • 🔺 Drop balls to win up to 1000x your bet!

You'll find that our interface is very user-friendly! Even if you're new to MyStake Casino, we believe you'll quickly find your way around. It takes just about 3 minutes to register, make a deposit, and play the Plinko Casino game for the first time.

What the Plinko Developers Think

Our development team spent several weeks building the new Plinko mini-game. We want to share their thoughts on Plinko with you now!

"The MyStake management tasked us with revolutionizing the gaming world by revisiting classic games that had been forgotten. Many members of the development team love Pachinko and the famous Plinko mini-game from the TV show "The Price is Right". So, we had the idea to recreate this pyramid, while adding the option to customize each game. Thanks to high-quality development and a stable software, we set a new trend: Plinko Casino! The positive feedback from our users warms our hearts and motivates us to release more and more innovative creations."


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Last modified on : September 18, 2023

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